Care Supervision

Cowper Care provides clinical care services lead by care supervisor, Liz Caffrey. Her role is to monitor the health, safety and well being of residents and includes daily social contact, arrange and facilitate meaningful activities, house visits, and answer emergency calls. Liz also promotes healthy diet and lifestyle that would help to enhance the quality of life and maintain independent living for as long as possible.

Our care supervisor is on site from 9:00 to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday.
Out of Hours cover including weekends cover, is arranged by Cowper Care who provide staff to respond to medical emergency calls.

The Drop In Clinic is a service which allows the residents of The Mageough to have an informal monthly check up with the Care Supervisor, e.g. Blood Pressure/ weight monitoring

A doctor from Belgrave Clinic holds a surgery once a week at The Mageough.

A local chemist ( Dunville Pharmacy) delivers medications once a month to the residents, if requested.

Each house is fitted with an Aidcall system – the aidcall system is provided to assist residents in managing their medical welfare without intruding on their independence. In the case of a medical emergency each resident can summon help at any time. Residents also use the system each morning to verify they do not require intervention.

Our neighbours are a Diocesan owned Nursing Home, Gascoigne House where facilities to Mageough residents include hairdressing, chiropody. Lunches are also available at a reasonable cost by booking in advance. Some of our residents dine there regularly.

Full time nursing care is not provided by the Mageough, but residents can move into the Gascoigne, which is in the grounds of The Mageough for periods if nursing care is required, or can have home care provided by a number of agencies